Cal VanderWerf was the most transformative president in the history of Hope College, a small liberal-arts institution in Holland, Michigan. Cal VanderWerf: Anchor of Hope is the biography of the man as he encountered a college at a crossroads during the turbulent 1960s, as Hope and other colleges dealt with war, race, generational conflicts, church influence, and political agitation, and helped Hope College reach its potential. Cal VanderWerf: Anchor of Hope provides a comprehensive look at Hope College and its history, Calvin VanderWerf’s foundational training as a chemist and administrator, and the way VanderWerf’s hand guided Hope College into the future. The book is divided into several lessons, learned and taught by Calvin VanderWerf and applicable to today’s collegiate and professional environments.


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Cal VanderWerf: Anchor of Hope

By Douglas C. Neckers

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